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My Bible - the Book of Life

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My Bible-The Book of Life

A bible can be the most valuable book a Christian could own. As people grow in Christianity many of them want to be guided in the right direction. We are taught that the bible is guidance and the way to maintain a life of obedience. The bible is one of the greatest books published in the world and is also one of the most ever sold. Many Christians that own a bible have made it a part of their lives and have also made it their own.

When my first bible came in contact with my hands, my eyes were glued to it and I had a smile of awe. I held it with care and did not want anything or anyone to touch it. My bible was a black, hard-covered bible with the scriptures highlighted in different florescent colors. The pages were white as snow and I didn't want to open it. I feared for the white pages, that they would get dirty. This was the first sign of me actually caring for something that in the past had no importance to me. I didn't want any scriptures erased. But as days, weeks, and then months passed, it became not only a part of my life but the most cherished possession.

Meanwhile, as time went by, I got to know my bible more and learned to flip the pages carefully. As I read chapters from the bible, I imagine myself in that particular situation. Once I get into the reading I don't like to stop and if I like what I am reading I start feeling anxious. I tend to speed up in reading and want to flip to the next page. But while that is happening, I come to the end and flip only, to my surprise; I hear the tearing of paper. I stop instantly but I am too late; the damage is done. I have lost all concentration; my image is gone and now I am a little upset. So when I start to read again and catch myself doing it fast, the sound of tearing paper reminds me to slow down. I have gotten better at reading and have not heard any paper tear.

Basically the bible has become a part of me. The book that continues to be the best-selling book ever sold has had a great impact in my life. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Many of us don't want to read the bible because it's perfect. Yes it's perfect. It shows us the way to live. I say this because I have read the bible and I know what is in there. God wants us to live a good life and not a bad one and that is why He left it here on earth. Why do you fear the bible? Did you know that it was God breathed and was put together through his vessels or chosen people? Living life according to the bible is a great way to get started. It has its many blessings.

Finally, I have found a book that guides me in all different ways. It helps me when I am sad, happy, or just in the mood to read. I can read the book and find comfort. It also shows me the way to live, how to accept discipline, and what is expected from me while living in the earth. The bible can do it for anyone too. I have found a possession that will be



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