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Boiler Room Movie Review

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The movie "Boiler Room" there are many unethical business mistakes. The main character Seth Davis ex back door casino manager is faced with many ethical decisions throughout the movie. The brokerage he works for is like a chop shop.

J.T. Martin or Chop shop is only in it to make the most amount of money it can make for its partners or "board members." The employees there aren't very ethical, the types of people Seth works with are all people who grew up on the in bad situations and needed money. They were also had good business minds cause they were running illegal businesses before so the first chance they got to make a legal buck or so they thought. People there are always hungry for money and aren't afraid to throw down. None of them had degrees but that's what they wanted because if you had a degree and taken the brokers exam. You would have known what they were doing was illegal. What they were doing was the "board members" were buying stock at a low price and having the brokers sell them to people who would buy them at a huge profit margin. The brokers would take a huge cut, more than any other broker at any other firm. So the brokers were making so much money they didn't care how it was happening. They were calling random people and selling them on this stocking taking their money and leaving them with huge losses. The brokers had the used car salesmen mentality and would make you a big return but take you for twice as much the next time. So you were always thinking about the money you made and not the money they were taking from you. In my opinion the Business was a great get really rich scheme it's like the Ponzi schemes of today but only this was more elaborate but in the end all the brokers who didn't even know what was happening are going to prison.



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