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Leadership and Supervising Influence in Human Services

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Essay Preview: Leadership and Supervising Influence in Human Services

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In this paper, I will identify three roles of the leadership model to include the manager, mediator, and mentor. We will summarize the key elements of the supervisory process along with the challenges that may arise when supervising employees and being supervised by a superior. We will explain in detail the factors that influence job design, hiring, training, and performance appraisal that supervisors must take into account. Finally, we will discuss some of the challenges that we have face personally of either being supervised or supervising others.

Leadership Model

Under the leadership model there are three key areas which include managing, mediating and mentoring. Managing is an important role in all organization. A manager is responsible for making sure the organization runs the way it needs to be run by ensuring that the organization has the necessary staff, monitors the budget, and assigns the employee tasks. The mediators remain in the middle and reviews different points to help the parties come to an agreement. The mediator is normally used to keep the parties from prolong issues in court. A mentor is the voice for the people to ensure an individual gets what he or she needs. Also, the mentor works to make sure those involved receive fair service. All of the leadership models are important roles in today's society. They each help management with their job duties, treat people fair and being a voice for the people.

The Key Element of Supervisory Process

Supervisor is an extension of a manager. The first phase of supervising is the tuning-in phase where the supervisor spends time with the employees to gain a better understanding of what the employees do on a daily basis. Next, the contracting phase, where there is clarification of the supervisory role. This phase validates positions, ideas, and concerns and a mutual contract is established between supervisor and employees to work towards accomplishing the organizations goals. Then there is the work phase which includes four parts. First the sessional tuning-in phase, where the supervisor anticipates feelings, anxieties or apprehensions that employees may have. Second, the sessional contracting phase where the supervisor plans the agenda in conjunction with input received from the employees; which creates buy-in to the organization. Third, is the elaborating skills phase; where the supervisor gets details from employees and focuses them into specific dialogue for problem solving. Fourth, is the empathetic phase, where the supervisor gets in tune with the employee and both discover that they are human. Finally, the sessional ending skills where summarizing takes place to move from the smaller scale to the larger picture indentifying steps to ensure proper closure of the session.

Challenges of Supervising or Being Supervised

Supervisors are selected or appointed by a higher figure so that they may oversee an establishment making sure that it runs properly and that it maintains an order of management that is required by the company. The supervisor should have the knowledge and the ability to handle issues effectively that may arise within the establishment assuring



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