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Candide Critisism

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I have just read the novel candide by voltaire, and found it very intersting. Of course it is a satire about what the best of all worlds possibly is. According the Pangloss what we live in now is the very best of all worlds. He sees everything from a very optomistic point of view, and whatever happens in life is meant to happen and we cant or shouldnt go about changing it. In my opinion of course he takes optimisim too far. Then there is Martin who is very pesimistic about everything, meaning he is the complete opposite of Pangloss. Throughout the entire novel is Candide gowing on place to place, discovering new things and really putting Pangloss' philosophy to the test. In the end of the book it seems as though Candide has found his own philosophy when he starts actaully putting ideas to the test and as we know "Cultivating his garden." So basiclly it is a very intersting novel, almost resembling a coming of age story but not quite. It just seems as though he has gone through so much and seen so many different views of people, and so much philosphy that he too will be able to put all his knowledge to the test, and go out and discover things for himself. I also believe that the whole satire effect allows the novel to explore so many more things and ideas. It allows for a more comical standpoint and view of things, which means it was more easier to undertsand and realte to. It also allowed for a broad range of examples and what not. All in all I do not agree with Pangloss in that this is all the best of possible worlds, even though i myself am an Optimist.



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