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Candidate Case

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Dear Candidate,

You will receive an email from Aon Hewitt's background screening partner, HireRight, to complete a background check. You will be provided a link of secure website along with unique ID and password to access.

* Closely monitor email as this will be primary vehicle for communication with HireRight.

* If email has not been received within 1-2 business days, check SPAM, junk mail and "safe senders" list. (If email is not located, notify your recruiter immediately).

* Background check information must be completed/ submitted within 3 calendar days after receiving the notification.

Background check is significantly impacted by your attention to the below details.

* Include the last full FIVE years of employment history, including any gaps. Ensure dates are accurate- this is critical.

o Accuracy of employer info is also critical - i.e., if you have worked for a staffing agency, please provide agency contact info, not the location/employer of job assignment.

* You should provide current education status of highest Education. If applicant is scheduled to complete a degree in a couple of months, kindly do not mention that education in the form.

Important Notes:

o Email to recruiter IMMEDIATELY when:

▪ Initial invite not received within 2 days of speaking to recruiter

▪ Initial invite received but timeframe expired

o Call or email HireRight immediately when:

▪ If you are not able to provide the requested documentation within 48 hours of notification.

▪ Experiencing technical difficulties on HireRight website.



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