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Optimal Candidate Case Study

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Essay Preview: Optimal Candidate Case Study

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Case study #1


In the case study, there is Alexa who has been working more than the other and she has more experience in developing the product lines. So, her strength would be her superior expertise in the research area. There is also the determination which is a trait that successful leaders supposedly should have. Moreover, it has been said that she is creative and insightful, which increase her chance to be selected. However, it seems that she lakes important trait such as social skill because of her determination that might affect her relationship with others.

Another candidate would be kelesy, who doesn't have the best experience and this is to be considered as a weakness. On the other hand, Kelesy is a very social person and has integrity. She also has the trust of all the supervisors, which she should not gain if she did not deserve it.

Thomas Santiago is the third candidate who has experience that is not superior in the research field. Nonetheless, his strength points are honesty and integrity. Also he has the upper management trust and very committed to the company.

As for who should be selected, the optimal candidate would be Kelsey. Although all of them have competitive qualities and some have more experience than her in developing new products, Kelsey is still the first one to be chosen. The reason would be because she has the traits that best fit the leader of the research department. Due to her social talent, she would be able to build a very healthy environment in the research department, and that will cause the communication to be less stressful especially between Alexa and her subordinates. Also, due to her integrity, Alexa will be able to gain the trust of her team, which will prove highly effective in working together towards the goal of the organization.


The trait approach is very essential in this type of this selection due to the fact that it outlines the important traits of character of all of those who are being selected, to determine who best fits the position to lead. Actually, the decision makers must always look at the traits of the candidates because that is even somehow more important than the professional skills and abilities, due to the fact that the professional skills and abilities wouldn't be sufficient for a person to be an effective leader, while the traits are needed for successful leaders.


In the case, the importance of professional skills and abilities are being downgraded. Whereas in reality, managerial talents, professional skills, and leaders' traits, that promotes them to be effective in the position, are significant to have. Having these assets together would help to the decision makers to preference who ever has them.



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