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Case Study - Hq Depot

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Executive Summary

The case analyzes the transportation and logistics management at HQ Depot which is considering a partnership with a 3PL company in order to benefit from its specialization and focus on its core competencies. The case details the steps to take in order to select a suitable partner and develop the relationship. A case for strategic alliance is presented given its relevance in the long term.

Part 1) What rationale is offered by HQ Depot in support of the idea of using a 3PL? Do you agree with the reasons cited for the interest in 3PL?

The company has offered many related reasons for using a 3PL company for its logistics and transportation. According to the company, it wants to centralize its transportation logistics into uniformity. Currently, there is a lot of variability in its logistics chain. The decision to centralize is also because the company is expanding into new markets and wants to focus on its strengths.

The company did look into the cost of expanding the transportation further and the length of time it would take. It then decided that a 3PL would be a valuable to the transportation process.

I agree with this decision. I believe that specializing divisions make them more efficient and saves cost. The reasoning provided by the company is also justified.

Part 2) Based on your understanding of HQ Depot and its business needs, what type of 3PL firm do you feel might be of greatest potential value in terms of a relationship?

I feel that a transportation based 3PL would be of greatest potential value to HQ Depot. This will allow the company to have a uniformity in the transportation and organize it better. It will then be able to focus on its core competency.

Part 3) What steps would you suggest be considered by HQ Depot as it begins to analyze the feasibility of forming a relationship with individual 3PL providers?

The following steps should be considered by HQ Deport when considering forming a relationship with individual 3PL providers:



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