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Case Study of Rajan the Driver

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Essay Preview: Case Study of Rajan the Driver

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Rajan The Driver


Abhishek Katariya : P37094

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Case Summary:

The Cattle feed plant is unit of Sagarmatha Dairy Union and is located around 20 km north of Nathadwara district on Nathadwara-Valta road. It concerns:

Rajan: The Driver having 12 years of service in plant.

Mr. Somaraju : Security Officer having work experience of 3 years.

Mr. Suresh Mohan : Personnel Manager.

General Manager

On 23th January, 1993 when Mr. Somaraju was waiting at sabjimandi for vehicle to come to the plant. He saw plant’s minibus approaching the sabjimandi and signaled it to stop but the driver Rajan did not stop and he spotted some unauthorized passengers in the bus. As soon as he arrived to the plant he was accosted by the driver at the gate. On 24th January Mr. Somaraju filed the complaint against Rajan and urged the management to take strong action against him.

The General Manager issued a show cause notice and Rajan replied that as he was coming back after dropping employees he was requested by some school children to carry them back. He saw the signal by Mr Somaraju but observed Somaraju was drunk so he did not stop the bus.

In reply to Rajan’s allegations Mr. Somaraju told that he was not drunk and this was a ploy adopted by Mr. Rajan to hide his mistake.

On 30th January General Manager asked the personnel Manager to look into the issue. On 1st February Rajan was transferred to the production department.

Current Situation Analysis:

The transfer of Rajan to production department has resulted in agitation of employee union who have voiced their concern on the matter and issued an ultimatum to the management to either solve the case or appropriate lesson will be taught to them.

On the other hand Mr. Somaraju felt that the punishment imposed by management on Rajan is not sufficient enough.

Key Issues/Goals:

To resolve the issue as soon as possible so that smooth functioning of Cattle feed plant of Sagarmatha dairy can be ensured.

Problem Statement:

Issue between Mr. Rajan and Mr. Somaraju turned into bigger issue of conflict between management and union.

Decision Criteria:

1. To prevent further conflict between union and management.

2. To prevent dominance of union over managerial decisions and to make sure proper hierarchy is maintained within organization.



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