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Characteristic of Culture

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The second characteristic of culture is that "culture is shared by a group of people". We can consider a thought or an action as a culture if it is commonly shared and believed or practiced by a group of people. If it is commonly shared and believed by a group of individuals then it can be considered as their culture.

The third characteristic of culture is that "culture is cumulative". Different knowledge embodied in culture can be passed from one generation to another generation. More and more knowledge is added in the particular culture as time passes by. Each may work out solutions to problems in life that passes from one generation to another. This cycle remains as the particular culture goes with time.

The fourth characteristic of culture is that "cultures change". Not all cultures accumulate. There is knowledge; thoughts or traditions that are lost as new cultural traits are added, with that there are possibilities of cultural changes with the particular culture through time.

The fifth characteristic of culture is that "culture is dynamic". It was considered that there is no culture remains on the permanent state. Culture is changing constantly as new ideas and new techniques are added in time modifying or changing the old ways. This is the characteristic of culture that stems from the cultures cumulative quality.

The sixth characteristic of culture is that "culture is ideational". Culture forms ideal pattern of behaviors that followed by individuals expectedly. It serves as guidelines that must be followed by members to gain social acceptance from the people with the same culture.

The seventh characteristic of culture is that "culture is diverse". It was considered that culture was formed by many separate cultures. It is a system that has several mutually interdependent parts. Although these parts are separate, they are interdependent with one another forming culture as a whole.

The eight characteristic of culture is that "culture gives us a range of permissible behavior patterns". Culture provides us with the norms of appropriate behavioral patterns. It involves how an activity should be conducted, how an individual should appropriately act, as husband, wife, parents, child, and others. It tells us how to dress based on gender, occasions, statue and many more.



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