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Cisco Systems: Launching the Asr 1000 Router Using Social Media Marketing

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Essay Preview: Cisco Systems: Launching the Asr 1000 Router Using Social Media Marketing

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This is important because the current generation is moving towards the digital media, and this generation is the target customers for Cisco.


1. Cisco has been innovative in ways to reach out its customers (e.g., Edge quest 3-D game, second life presence).

2. ASR 1000 costs less than half the price and just the fraction of the price compared to that of competitors.

3. A single ASR 1000 series router save the equivalent carbon emissions of up to seventeen tons of coal annually.

4. Because it was an online launch event, Cisco could reach more than a hundred countries and could simulate physical presence via teleconference.


1. Few of the marketing strategies didn’t work out well for Cisco, e.g., ASR design craft contest didn’t work out, the social media widget took much longer time than expected.

2. The marketing strategy avoided print media which could have left out few customers.


1. Social media has swiftly become one of the most important trends in the media evolution.

2. People like influencers and initiators who are termed as “uber users” are active in social media like the virtual game and second life.

3. Their content was picked up by bloggers and media outlets, which led to more number of hits when the product was searched on google.

4. Deciders can take the advantage of ‘Ask the expert’ to make the purchase decision. Additionally, deciders who may not be very technically influenced could make use of the simple calculators that cisco created to make an informed decision.


1. The case stresses about increasing use of digital media, however not all influencers, initiators are on social media to make a purchase decision.

We recommend that Cisco should launch all new products using only Web 2.0 technologies and social media channels.



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