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Coaching and Leadership Development Reflection

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Essay Preview: Coaching and Leadership Development Reflection

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Learning such as this qualifies as experiential learning because it is 'education that occurs as a direct participation in the events of life' (Smith, 2001). Furthermore, it is learning that is achieved through reflection upon everyday experience and is the way that most of us do our learning.

I applied the concept of reflective learning journal not only for this course, but also for my whole life. I found out that it is more difficult to obtain my confidence since the other students has recognized me as an inaudible student as I do not answer and give comments in class after we attended several lectures at the beginning of the course. The most valuable thing I learnt from this case is that it is really important to show our contribution in terms of questioning and answering since the very beginning of the lecture. The other great things that I obtain through writing reflective learning journal are the practices of respectful leaderships and teamwork in the class which I will elaborate more in this reflective learning journal.

My previous work experience was not so good,I worked as a customer service officer with no training or experience, it affected me so much because I remained stagnant. I was never promoted and I it felt like a loser who will never achieve her goal, I was working with low self-esteem where people took me for granted and I felt that was who I was. People never cared about what I had to say whether right or wrong. I brought that same mentality to class, thinking I was nobody and will never be loved. I believe I will have been motivated if I had gone through any sort of coaching sessions or talking to a professional in this field, but with this course which has now made me aware of who I am. I found it useful and interesting for me, I got to know why we need leadership development as an individual, and I had a re-think that it was going to help me develop positively because I was never confident about myself, I never knew who I was until the session started so I was determined to improve because I felt it was an opportunity for me to improve. Although sometimes, I feel very bad and depressed and I try being somebody else which I end up finding frustrating and as a reflector (Learning style), I listen to people and watch people do things before I take a step in making the. I like to view situations from different perspectives, collect data, review and think carefully before coming to any conclusions. I enjoy observing others and listening to their views before offering my own. I am indeed ready for a challenge anywhere I go. Before the first session of the coaching class, I was never expecting too much from the course at all. I saw coaching as a waste of time and all about counselling, therapy and giving advices to others which I was not interested in. As the session proceeds,



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