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Common Operating Systems on the Internet

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Common Operating Systems on the Internet

Common Operating Systems on the Internet

The Internet is a broad and extensive mixture of computers on both the client and server side of

the operating systems. If someone was to look at the Internet in its entirety and try to look at the different operating systems it would be a collection of all the operating systems currently available today.

Client side of Operating System

With the client side of operating systems, persons who log onto the Internet and ask for web

pages to be displayed on their personal computers. With the three most common operating

systems being MAC, Microsoft, and Linux more people prefer to use Microsoft. With that said Microsoft has a family of operating systems currently on the internet. The operating systems are as follows; Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows 7.Out of those operating systems, the most used operating system is Microsoft Windows XP with Microsoft 7 gaining popularity. The incentive for this is the gaming industry. In today's market of computers there are two main reasons that drive people to buy new computers the first reason is the newest and lasted games on the market and the second reason is people trying to keeping up with technology. The reason that the gaming industry is the biggest motivation is every person that buys a computer will buy some type of game for that computer and with the gaming industry pushing the envelope of processors and video cards consumers want the most realistic games they can find. This includes everything from a straightforward yet complicated chess game Fritz, who by the way tied the world's chess champion in a seven game match, to the newest flight simulator and even a first person shooting games.

Server side of Operating System

Now onto the server side of the Internet, those computers storing the web pages clients ask to see, the operating systems are Microsoft, MAC, UNIX, and Linux. Of these families of operating systems the most common operating systems is a tossup between Microsoft and UNIX. In the Microsoft server operating systems you have Microsoft Server 2000, and Microsoft Server 2003, Microsoft 2008, to name a few. Now of the Microsoft family one of the more common operating system for web page deployment onto the Internet is Microsoft 2000. The reasons for this is with Microsoft 2000 companies are able to employ a tool which was not available in earlier versions of Microsoft Servers and because of this tool most Microsoft servers are now Microsoft 2000 servers. The tool I am talking about is Active Directory. Now this tool has nothing to do with the Internet but the benefits from this tool made everyone change the



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