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Component of Operating Systems

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7.0 Operational Plan

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Component of Operating Systems

The components of an operations system that is involved in the transformation of business input into output comprises of the following:    

7.2.1   Business Input

Business input is resources that are raw materials such as sticker labelling machine, machine bottles, printed box, plastic cone, and others. Then, put the raw material into a system to obtain a desired output that is company’s income. There are some optional ingredients such as ribbons, tagline, plastic flower, sticker and etc.

7.2.2  Transformation Process

A transformation process is any activity that takes one or more inputs. Transform and add values to them and provides outputs for customers.  

[pic 1][pic 2]



Door gift


7.2.3  Output

Output refers to our finished product which is door gift. Customers will choose one of the various type of door gift design and purchase the product that they want to buy. Output is the last decision to display.


7.2.4  Feedback

 We need to take note all the feedback from customer because it is very important for us to improve our product in the future. Their opinions will help us to adjust and fit with their needs accurately.

7.2.5 External Environment

7.3 Process Planning for Manufacturing

7.3.1 Symbol of Process Chart

Symbols Used in the Process Chart





Activity that modify, transform or give added value to the input


Movement of materials or goods from one place to another


Activity that measure the standard or quality


Process is delayed because in process materials are waiting for next activity


Finished product or goods are stored in the storage area or  warehouse

7.3.2 Process Flow Chart

Flow Chart for Service of EZ Door Gift

Greet customer.

Packaging the product.

  • Delivery to customers.
  • Post directly to the online customers.

Place the product into several boxes to be distributed for online and walk in customers.

Labelling the product according customer's demand.

Customer made payment after the confirmation.

Customer choose the design and the product. Then, confirmation order.

7.3.3 Activity Chart

Flow Chart for the Production of Nature Scrub


                Produce door gift at the store.                  


                       Check the quality of the product before produced. If any defects are found, the                         product will be checked for further improvement.


                Attach the label sticker of different size of packaging.

                Pack the product into boxes.

                 Place the product into several boxes to be distributed for online and walk in                         customers.

Delivery to the customer or post directly to the online                                                 customers.

7.4 Operations Layout

Figure 7.3 Layout based on the product [pic 3]

[pic 4][pic 5][pic 6][pic 7][pic 8][pic 9][pic 10][pic 11]


/Packaging Room


[pic 12][pic 13][pic 14]


Meeting Room

[pic 15][pic 16][pic 17][pic 18][pic 19][pic 20][pic 21][pic 22][pic 23][pic 24][pic 25]

Selling Area


[pic 26][pic 27]

7.4 Production Planning

7.5 Production Planning

7.5.1 Sales Forecast per month


Output per month

Average Sales Forecast per month = RM

Sales Price

Big Size = RM15.00

Small Size = RM8

Number of output per month = Average sales forecast / Sales Price per unit

 Small Size:

        173,300 / 8

        = 21,663 output per month

       Big Size:

        173,300 / 15

        = 11,553 output per month

7.5.2 Number of output per day

= No. of output per month / no. working days per month

Small Size:

21,663 / 26

=833 output per days

Big Size:

11,553 / 26

= 444 output per day

7.5.3 Number of Units Per Hour

Daily working hour : 10 Hours

No. of output per day / daily working hours

Small size:

833 / 10

=83 output per hour



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