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Components of Information Systems

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An information system in the simplest terms is a means for an organization or group to collect and interpret data then pass it on as information. Most organizations will develop or constantly improve their information systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness. When most people think of information systems, the initial thoughts seem to be of the computer and its part. However, information systems are more than mere computers and computer parts. It consists of a set of components that must work together to successfully achieve its purpose or pass on relevant information. Those five major components are hardware, software, networks, data, and people. (Yu, 2011)


Even though information systems are more than computer and computer parts, computers and their parts are integral contributors to the mechanics of information systems. Hardware is, of course, one of the components of an information system and considered to be any physical portion of the computer whether it is internal or external. These are the parts of a computer with which most people are familiar. They consist of both input and output devices. The input devices are used to enter data and/or images into the computer and information system itself. Input devices are things such as the keyboard, the mouse, scanners, cameras, CDs or DVDs, and microphones. The way some hardware performs as an input device is fairly obvious. While on the other hand, others may take a bit of thought to be viewed as an input device.

The keyboard is one of the obvious ones whereas it allows one to input letters, numbers, and symbols that can be form data that can then be manipulated into instructions. Scanners, cameras, CDs and DVDs are similar in the way that they input the information that is stored therein back into an information system. However, when I thought of a microphone I rarely thought of it as an input device but of course, it can be used to input sounds that too can form text and data that create information. The mouse is more of a device that allows you to control or maneuver within the system but as such the user is able to instruct or command the computer.

Output devices seem to be more cut and dry. They are, of course, the instruments that produce the results from any data or instructions given to the computer. Monitors simply let the user view the output from the screen. While printers can generally produce the same output as monitors, it will be on paper. Logically, speakers and headphones are used to output sound.


Computer software is another component of an information system and is often considered to be the intangible portion without which the computer wouldn't properly function. Software is segregate into two major categories, system software and application software. End users typically don't work with systems software as it works in the background. System software is programming that works with the computer on the lowest level. This includes operating systems that perform basic tasks as well as compilers that convert source code. This is how the computer converts data into information. Although they work in tandem, application software is different from system software. Application software is more on the forefront performing user level activities. These tasks include things like word processing and spreadsheets.





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