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Critical Thinking Question - Shitty First Draft

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Essay Preview: Critical Thinking Question - Shitty First Draft

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Mohamed Tahoun

Eng 121

Shitty first draft( final draft)

The critical thinking question is about the title shitty first draft. The writer was blunt, forward, and optimistic. Hopping the reader would understand her idea. From the facts I collected in the read, I think the use of the word shitty in the tile is to simplify a clear cut ides for the reader. By using the word she clearly states her idea that all first drafts are not perfect as they could be. I myself would not be offended by the word, because it is used to explain that the second draft is always better than the first. By using the word shitty she gains a connection with the readers that use the word.

The use of the word in the title makes me think that the first draft is shitty. As I kept reading, the idea the author was trying to get across to me kept on getting clearer. She also explained more of what she meant by the word. She tells the reader that all good writers not only write one draft, but perfect the first draft by writing up to three. I think of the use of the word shitty in the title was cleaver idea. Just by reading the title, I understood what the essay is about. The title helped me understand the piece better, and what I should expect to read about.

The author simplifies the idea that the first draft is a draft that might have slight imperfections. This makes the article informative. The author keeps the reader aware of great writing methods. She further explains to the reader, that the first draft can be perfected and rewritten for better results. She really sums up her idea, as she informs the reader of the writing process and how it's like for the writer.

I myself as a student use the word shitty all the time. For instance, when I brook a glass yesterday I yelled out" my shitty luck", or when I have a bad day, and my family ask me how was my day I say "shitty day". I'm not offended by the word, but I am getting a better understanding of the type of writing, and the effort the writer put into this work. She took the time to analyze the short read and determined what kind of language they use. She used the word shitty to set a fine seal on the reader to write a good first draft, so you can write a better second draft.

By using the word shitty, she makes a connection with the audience. Through this connection she then isolates the audience that should benefit from the essay. The beneficiary of the essay is the writer.

In conclusion, the word shitty in the title is intended to make a clear point about the writing process. The author then used it in the essay body. To further clarify the point and send a message to the reader. By her use of the word shitty, she gains a connection with her audience. This only comes to show me that the use of an out of the ordinary word can explain and send a clear



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