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C&s Aqua Purified Drinking Water

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Chapter 1

Project Summary

  1. Name of the Project

The proponent has chosen a business name, C&S Aqua Purified Drinking Water. C&S is an abbreviation of the words “Clean & Safe” because the proposed business will offer a clean and safe drinking water to all its customers. And “Aqua” is a Latin term for water. Providing all the demand of Clean and Safe Water in the community will be the service that the business will offer.

  1. Location

The C&S Aqua will be situated at Blk.16 Lt.6 Purok St. Ignatius, Indangan, Davao City. Factors such as proximity to the market, means of transportation and the cost of land and building were considered in choosing the location.

  1. Proximity to the market

The location provides an advantage for the business since it is situated near residential houses and school. In addition, there are also no possible competitors for the certain business near the location. Also the people in the community have a great demand for a clean and safe drinking water because the water in the faucet is unsafe to drink.

  1. Means of transportation

The location is just along the road of St. Lambo. It is also near residential houses which gives the potential customers in the neighborhood ease and convenience.

  1. Cost of Land and Building

The cost of the building will be around Php100,000. The land is already owned by the owner. The place is sufficient enough because there will still be an extra area for the business to store its supplies such as empty gallons and water bottles.

  1. Descriptive Definition of the Project

Water Refilling Station business is a promising venture because of the growing demand of clean and drinkable water. It is nevertheless to mention that water is the prime necessity of life; it is essential for the survival of all the creatures. C&S Aqua is a water refilling station that produces and sells purified water that underwent a 21-stage purification process.  The fundamental aim of the business is to solve the problem of the community against an unsafe drinking water in the area. And meet the demands of the people for clean and safe drinking water. The owner aims to differentiate the store and the product by creating a reputation of guaranteed sanitation that starts from the production process and extends to the selling and delivery services.

C&S Aqua will ensure to give the customers a quality product and service against our competitors. Enchanted Water will make sure that it has access to the latest technology and will be updated with the new machines in order to provide more accurately safe water to the target market. Enchanted Water will also make sure that the business will be customer friendly and that it will give convenience and ease to its customer.

  1. Project’s Long Range Objectives

Through the guide of the project’s vision and mission it will be expected that the business will be well known in the industry of providing clean and safe drinking water not just only in the existing location but also in other places by continuously expanding our branches and by offering the very best services to provide the needs of the people. In the next five years, C&S Aqua Purified Drinking Water will gain and maintain a good reputation to the customers by being trustworthy and responsive. To establish a good brand to customers and gain brand loyalty. Lastly, the business will increase its sales and will improve its advertising strategies.

  1. Feasibility Criteria

Adheres to the responsibility of having a good impact on the environment. The business will not just focus on its profitability but also to be a socially responsible business by promoting a healthy environment by using reusable water containers. Also, the business ensures healthy living of its customers by providing clean and safe drinking water. The business can operate for a long period of time because it uses renewable resources.  The owner will also focus on the viability of the business, it is important to consider aspects like how it is able to operate in the market, how it differs from other water refilling stations inside the subdivision and how long it stays in spite of the competition.

  1. Highlights of the Project
  1. History

The history proves that there are evidences from almost all historical periods suggest that people took measures to ensure a fresh drink of water. The earliest water purification known for is the clarification device by the Egyptian from1450 B.C. Aside from ancient Egypt, Sanskrit of ancient India back in 2000 B.C. also shows how they purify their drinking water through boiling, being heated in the sun, or by dipping a heated iron into it, or it may be purified by filtration through sand and coarse gravel and then allowed to cool. Other purification methods included the use of a kind of stone, known as “Gomedaka”, and the seed of Strychnos potatorum. It is not impossible to know this because as we know water is one of the basic needs of a person that is why they really find ways to ensure the safety of their drinking water. Nowadays, modern humans created filtration technology that not only purifies but also mineralizes.

  1. Nature of the Industry

Right now, the demand at the water refilling stations - water stores that sell purified water - is now increasing. The quality of purified water conforms to the national standards for drinking water and is even better than the quality of water produced by traditional water supply systems in terms of removed impurities. The country has more than 3500 water refilling stations as of 2007. The industry is increasing as the demand for cheaper safe drinking water is also increasing. It is because drinking water in water refilling stations is cheaper than bottled water. Although there are government standards imposed prior to an establishment of a WRS, it will still continue to grow because of increasing demand for drinking water and the ease of its establishment could be another factor for its growth.



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