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Customer Service Policies

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Essay Preview: Customer Service Policies

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Task one

Understand customer service policies within a business and services contexts.

Customers are top priority for any company they are what drives the demand for products and services. Especially on hospitality customer satisfaction will show where the company should be driving their attention, actions and thoughts to deliver the highest-quality service and products that is possible. To do it companies creates a customer service policies to support and guides the company`s goals and efforts.

The customer service`s policy will help the company to achieve their goals and objectives, retain customers are the core of any organization since is very difficult regain a lost customer than again a new one, and a unhappy person can damage a company`s image and is hard to fix a damaged image, but in other hand a complaint is not always bad if the management know how to use it with a right costumer policy, this complaint can point a situation that need to be treated carefully, can point a new training method need to be put in place. That is why is very important customer`s reviews and been take very serious all the suggestions.

A customer service policy provides answers to managers and staff who deal with customers on a regular basis. Employees use customer policies to carry out basic job responsibilities that involve the customer, such as taking orders, giving discounts, or resolving customer complaints and disagreements. These guidelines create consistency across the organization guiding managers and employee to deal with unhappy customers.

Many companies measure service behaviours that employees display and the level of customer satisfaction. These measurements help a company stay accountable to customer service and help the organization improve its service policies, employee training programs, or other practices as necessary.

Maintaining a good customer service practice will help to set up a company image in the minds and thoughts of customers. When customers have a positive experience with the company, the company's customer service image is reinforced. Customers want to feel needed and special, a happy customer will bring profit to the company and it is the aim of any of them, clientele need to feel comfortable spending money in your company, good customer will come back and generate more business and bring new customers though recommendations, an unhappy and unsatisfied customer will not come back where poor service was encountered. Under-promise and over-deliver should be the mantra for every successful hotelier, who should be attentive and passionate about customer needs. If you satisfy a customer's needs, you are building the foundation to establish a relationship based on trust and loyalty. All these factors collectively contribute to customer loyalty and retention which are integral for success in this industry.

Task 2

Understand the purpose of promoting a customer focused culture

Usually people think that is only one method of communication the verbal where the information is exchanged through words, but the verbal method is only a small part of the communication. They can be:

* Verbal: Verbal communication is simply speaking. This can be done one-on-one, in a group setting, over the phone, etc. Verbal communication is a personal means of communication and should be utilized more than just emails or phone calls when possible. Being able to see the person you are communicating with face to face can help you gauge their



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