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Security Case

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Essay Preview: Security Case

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Security is one of the most important topics that we will talk about in the IT/205 course. We use it every day and are protected by it without even knowing it. Out home and business networks are protected by progressively strengthening wireless internet security features like WEP (Wireless Equivalent privacy) and the newer WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). We will also discuss some of the security features that our used to protect our consumer information and the rules that govern the storage of the information. All of these topics will raise the question of hoe security and ethics relates to privacy of individuals. This is especially true in the areas of network monitoring and data collection. We will see examples of the worst case scenarios of how companies can put both themselves and their customers at financial risk by ignoring the threats involved in using electronic business features. We will also see the security concerns when we look at other examples involving the use of company networks for better communication of staff. Questions and concerns related to this will involve the use of VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to protect the intellectual property of companies that may be discussed in staff communications (Laudon & Laudon, p. 212, 2011). We can increase our learning as students by looking at some of the tools and information that we use in our daily lives involving our own sensitive information and transactions. This will give us better understanding and a starting point for research into the concept of digital security.



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