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Dear Journal - Letter for Job Options

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Essay Preview: Dear Journal - Letter for Job Options

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Dear Journal,

So my English isn't the greatest but I'm trying my best because today is the day me and my family move from Germany to America to get political and economical freedom that we don't get here. After we had many crop failures my father got a new job in the United States so we could seek out our opportunities. Were now officially Americans. About 6 months after my family moved here my mom gave birth to my little brother. Although he was born here he is in many ways more diverse thank alike. We had grown up under different forms of government and we spoke German. We were ranged from me who was highly educated to my bff who didn't know how to read or write. We were also accustomed to different kinds of food, music and clothing. I now live in Pennsylvania and I still speak German and my farm is much better. i don't get along with my brother too well. he isn't very nice he's a few years older than me he don't relies he hurts me when he hits. His names Adolf as we grew up he became even more violent and started killing thousands of people. Because they weren't like us they were Jewish. And we had blonde hair and blue eyes. Why did he have to be like that? Now I realize that immigration isn't so bad I mean were not like Martians are we?

Thank you and love you forever and always

Patience amber carpenter



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