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Recall Letter - Jones Pharmaceutical

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Jones Pharmaceutical is sending this communication to inform you of a problem made during production of the children's cherry flavored cough syrup. Our labs have most recently detected an uncommon quantity of acetaminophen in the medication. We find it necessary to request you remove the product from your shelves until further notice. While the direct cause of the reported amounts has not been determined, we feel it necessary to respond immediately.

Our records indicate that shipments of this product were delivered to Safeway, Hy-vee, and Kroger grocery stores. It is necessary to review your inventory and confirm receipt of this product. If distribution of these bottles has already been made, we suggest you contact and inform your consumers to return all unopened bottles to your store. All unopened and unused product may be returned so we may properly discard this medication. It is our effort to make sure your company does not incur loss of sales for this oversight; therefore, Jones Pharmaceutical will reimburse your company directly for all returned transactions.

The retraction of the cough syrup relates to the possibility of each bottle containing large amounts of acetaminophen that are not suitable for children to ingest. An excessive amount of this medication may ultimately cause side effects. The probability of severe harmful physical conditions may occur upon use. Other health consequences may result due to consumption. Once more, it is imperative to suspend sale of this item.

Jones Pharmaceutical recognizes the inconvenience this may cause your company. This action reflects our commitment to continuous quality and demonstrates our efforts to healthy living. Your trust in our products is deeply valued and we are working to ensure our products meet your expectations. Contact our customer service department for further instruction regarding return shipments of the recalled product. Please refer any consumers who have suffered from an adverse occurrence to our hotline. Our representatives will assist with all other questions and concerns



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