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Delivery Note

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Delivery note

E: 1. The customer is Mark Rutherford and the name of the supplier is Hertfordshire Supplies.

D: 2. With the delivery note there are many problems. There were blue BIC Cristal pens delivered instead of black ink. There was no toilet cleaner delivered and the chairs that were ordered arrived at 410mm instead of 430mm. The despatch date was 7th November when it should have arrived on the 10th November.  

C: 3. It is important to have a despatch date because you can work out whether the product(s) have got lost in the post as it has not arrived on the exact date. If your delivery comes earlier you can check what the actual date was.

B: 4. The advantages of having a delivery note to the business and the customer is so you check whether all the correct items have been ordered or wrong ones. You can then complain to the business and hopefully then can fix it. Having a delivery note to the business is an advantage because they can check what products they have sent.           

B: 5. It is necessary to have different copies for the customer, carrier and supplier because you can check whether the right products have been ordered. Without checking the delivery note you couldn’t check the amount of products ordered and some extra products could have been ordered making you pay a higher bill than expected. You can check where the supplies are. An copy is sent to the customer so they can check what products have arrived, another copy is sent to the carrier so they can check what delivery is in their van and Hertfordshire Supplies could check whether sent the correct products.

B: 6. It is important to check the delivery note before it is signed because the supplies could have sent too many or too little products ordered. This means you could end up paying a different amount of money as you expected. You would also want to check the total to see if correctly calculated.                                                                 



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