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Descriptive Essay

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West Virginia has captured the perfect vision of what a beautiful, cold, heavy winter should look like. At the top of Salty Forks Mountain, near Snowshoe Ski Resort, a blanket of snow covers the rocky mountain ground and layers of ice develop over all its lakes, streams, and rivers. Millions beyond millions of snowflakes fall from all directions, making any distance appear faint and hazy. Its breath taking to watch as bright, crystal white snow falls from the sky in a slow, graceful way to the ground. After several miles of green plant life and brown, rocky ground has vanished from the scenery; clouds began to fall below the West Virginia Mountains. In high elevation, where clouds can't reach, a lightning storm may occur. At Salty Forks, these storms may be watched from above. Watching from above, clouds circulate around each other as burst of lighting make scattered, white flashes below you. The view is beyond breathtaking and very exciting.

On the surface, lakes develop a thin icy layer. Small streams and rivers carry freezing water between rocks and through dark caves, rivers force mounds of snow through rough rapids and Soothing sounds of running water can be heard from all directions.

After the day turns to night, complete darkness consumes the mountains. Due to the low population of people and minimal construction, Salty Forks has very little lighting. Although the land remains black, the sky becomes infested with bright clusters of beautiful stars. At standing view, the Milky Way can be seen across the entire night sky. Different shades of red, purple, and blue radiate from it. As the sun rises, a gathering of snowy mountains flood the horizon. Shooting rays of light filter throughout crowds of snow covered trees, and white scattered clouds. So, once again I start my day, living, breathing, in this white wonderland I call home.



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