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Skills and Development Portfolio

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Essay Preview: Skills and Development Portfolio

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Like a bird without wings, I knew that unless I put in all the hard work and effort they would not grow and be able to fly. Step up to HE has started the growth, giving me hope that I will be able to fly high and inspire Boosting my self- confidence, and academic development. Having gone through school life and college it has given me hope and faith, but not in the same way this course has. Being stuck in a routine at school, where you have to listen and learn, not being able to give your views and opinions. Feelings like you're getting nowhere. This course has opened up a whole new world of learning and reflection, having a journal, asking yourself questions you never thought you would ask, analysis?

I ask myself, all new things that have brought me to analyse myself as a person. Analyse the things that I do, and the way that I do them, Reflection?

I wouldn't have reflected on myself and how I did in a session, without this you forget who you are and what you have become. You remain unaware of your strengths and weaknesses, blinded by what you think is right and wrong when really it's all wrong.

During our first day of the course, we had a session on the definition of 'Learning'. According to Cambridge Dictionary 2011 they defy learning as 'Knowledge obtained by study'. On my analysis I posed a question, Can knowledge incur unintentionally? In reflection, I thought about it more and logically thinking I was right. To learn it does not have to be in study, it can be whilst watching the television, or listening to the radio or anything for that matter that does not involve studying. This to me is 'unintentional learning' and without reflecting I wouldn't have been able to put forward the question.



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