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Facebook Addiction

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Dad writes on sons WALL:

Son, How r u?

Ur Mom & I are fine & v miss u a lot!

V wish 2 c u.




So plz turn off ur PC & cum downstairs 4 dinner............

Such is the addiction of the HOMOSAPIENS species today to Social Networking sites.

This evolutionary breakthrough of socializing by our so called IT techies with known or unknown persons has truly given evidence that Globalization is actually prevalent.

Yes, I do agree to the fact that coming to terms, with a friend with whom we had lost track for the past 5-10 years, on the social site gives immense pleasure and feelings get augmented. But we cannot forget that this nearness is causing us to drift ourselves from our near and dear ones with whom we have been socializing everyday for the past so many years.

Today, our LIFE has become so busy and hectic with our water tight schedules of the so called PVT. JOBS that we hardly have time to spare for our family and friends. But inspite of this we do take out time for FB.

I very well remember an instance, when I and my husband, then Boy friend, 6 yrs back insisted to go on DATE ----He brought some chocolates and proposed me to go for a DATE with him.

And it is exactly 6 yrs, 2months and 15 days, after our marriage and he writes on my WALL: Golu letz go 4 a dinner today. So that personal touch has subsided with the new technology of FB.

Nights are meant for sleeping after a hard day of job for bread and butter, but we are still hooked on to that FB.

Morning brings Light and the dawn of a new beginning and new day. I remember my young days, when I used to seek blessings from my parents and chant the mantra "JAI SHRI KRISHNA" but today as soon as our eyes open we tend to say "JAI FB BABA" and Look for comments of the Pictures that we posted last night.

Hence, the very essence of networking is missing coz we are so hooked to FB that even on Holidays our near and dear ones are neglected as we are busy with all those people on FB who were hitherto unknown till date.

So my dear Homosapiens, a gentle request to you all is that in the quest for searching friends whom you lost track for years, do not forget all those who have been bearing you through all thick and thin.

I am hopeful and wish that this new technology will not crush our Personal feelings and make us a ROBOT.



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