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Facebook Case

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Facebook is the world's most leading social network with more than six-hundred million members. It is not just in the United States, but it is also in well over ten other countries. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg- a pure genius. He thought of a way for college students to find out about other people in their classes, or dorms, and acquaintances, or just anyone who they wanted to know a little more about. With it only starting as a site for Harvard students, it progressed onto Yale and Princeton Colleges quickly, finally (within a couple of years) Facebook turned into a world-wide social networking site where anyone who was over the age of thirteen could become a "Facebook User". Who doesn't want to know more about someone else? People are interested in other human beings; that's why it's called social networking.

I believe that Facebook is a social networking site, I have a Facebook and I love it. I keep in touch with long distance relatives, friends, and family. I also play games, not only by myself but with my Facebook friends. I have friends on Facebook that I haven't seen or talked to since middle/high school and it's nice to see how they've been. People can post pictures of themselves, their children, wedding, animals, etc... or whatever else they want as long as it's legal (no nude pictures, etc...). I think that being able to download pictures is a great idea for Facebook. I like to see pictures of my family and friends and share the joy with them. Now most all phones these days have an application for Facebook where people can be on the go, take a picture on their phone, and immediately download it to Facebook. Amazing! That's social networking to me!

There are privacy settings so people can set their profile as "private" for someone who doesn't want anyone to see their page except for people they know. There is also a "block" button, which I believe is a great thing to have. If a person doesn't want a certain someone to see they have a Facebook or go "snooping" on their page, they can block them. When blocking is done that person just disappears. They can no longer see that person on Facebook at all, as well as the "blocked" person is not able to see that person anymore either.

Everyone has a "Wall" that any friend can write on. On their wall you will see status updates they make, posts by their friends, games they have been playing, and things they have changed or added to their profile. Someone's status can tell their friends what they are thinking, doing, what they are about to do, quotes, songs, etc.., or anything they feel like sharing. When a friend clicks on the "Info" link on your profile they will see your Education and Work, your Religious Views, your Favorite Quotations, your favorite Music, your favorite Books, your favorite Movies, your favorite Television shows. They



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