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Facebook Case

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What does Facebook mean to the rest of the world? There are many meanings to Facebook. To some people, It's their way of communicating and to others it's just a way to keep busy in their spare time. Some sat " I can't live without Facebook". Facebook is becoming a part of the everyday language. For an example, a person now might say "Facebook me" instead of "E-mail me". It allows people who never would have met each other in person, to communicate; it creates new relationships and friendships. It also places distance between people who would communicate in person but instead choose to communicate online, instead. Thanks to Mark Zackerberg, there is an easier way to 'stay connected' with the world.

In February 2004, "Thefacebook.com" launched. " Thefacebook.com" is what it was first called when it launched, later changing its name to just "Facebook.com". It started off as as online directory for students attending Harvard University specifically. By the first week, half of Harvard was subscribed to "Thefacebook.com". By end of the month, three quarters of students attending Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford were subscribed to "Thefacebook.com

By "staying connected", Facebook users are putting out a lot of personal information about themselves such as, relationship status, birthday, workplace, and etcetera. This was a huge privacy concern when Facebook just became published . What many Facebook users don't realize is that, whatever they post; pictures, statuses, and personal videos, becomes Facebook's property. When signing up for Facebook, you are signing on agreement, to this by hitting, "I accept". Facebook did change their privacy policy because of the issue' users had when Facebook first became published. Before when Facebook had just become published, everyone, even non users, could see your profile, pictures, statuses, and everything else on your profile page. Four out of five users chose the default setting, where everyone was able to view everything a user posted and said. This was the recommenced default setting, Since so many people had issues, Facebook changed their network around. Now you can limit to who sees what. You can hide your posts to "Everyone", "Friends Only", "Me Only", and there is also a 'customize" button, where you can have friends view your posts but hide it from a selected person or selected "friends". (Ambler)

Since Facebook became published, it has been the fastest growing social network. Is has become popular to people of all ages, but particularly people of ages 17-27. Facebook literally killed Myspace, another social networking site. Myspace was a popular social networking site in 200. Facebook had many pluses, that other networking sites don't have such as ads and social networking . Eight out of ten students in college are Facebook users. Facebook continues to grow ; 250, 000 users sign up daily. Older Americans are also using the networking site. They're not as 'addicted" as teens and younger adults, but they do keep in touch with people from high school and even their childhood. (Ambler)

When no other networking site



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