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Fast Food and the Effects on Health

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Essay Preview: Fast Food and the Effects on Health

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Fast Food and the effects on health

Fast food it's quick, convenient, and delicious and it's available from main commercial blocks too gas stations on high ways, it's accessible and most of the time affordable. Fast food can be dangerous when not consumed in moderation. This is because fast food is often loaded with sodium and cholesterol, two things that can result in high blood pressure and many other health issues. Fast food Restaurants have become our kitchens outside of our homes. Not realizing that in the long run it would become our downfall to the many diseases that has been effecting our country such as diabetes, hypertension , Atherosclerosis and the one so many of us including myself and children are suffering from obesity. These diseases are so widely spread across the globe because, we Americans live in a world where we are always on the move so we have fast food restaurants to rely on, maybe the fast food industry were betting on this when they came up with the idea to have food on the go .this may not be the best option but we sometime don't think about the future we think in the moment, not what is in our best interest when we are trying to accomplish filling our stomachs while continuing on in our daily busy lives. "The psychological impacts based on today's work place leads us to believe that we have no time to make our own food". According to (Willis, A primer for daily life learning from banana 59). Living in this fast pace world has contributed to so many healths related issues that are hard for people to overcome and it doesn't seem to be getting any better with time there has to be some major changes.

Diabetes is the most common disease suffered by American today reason being is bad eating habits and not so healthy diets doctors say that a good home cooked meal without all the extra oil and the fried foods is the best way to avoid this disease if the cooking is being done with the right ingredients and prepared the right way. Another disease is atherosclerosis which leads from high blood pressure, "Atherosclerosis is a condition in which the arteries become thickened due to the accumulation of cholesterol in the arterial walls in the form of atherosclerotic plaques" According to the (Adam cloe Living strong .com/ article").

It is very important to know what your about to consume from these fast food restaurants because some salads and baked potatoes may have some surprises your not expecting. The relationship between hypertension and fast food menus come from the use of high calorie salad dressings and high fat butter, but these things are not exposed to us it's like they don't want us to eat healthy. The faster pace of life with a supposed lack of time for healthy eating has led people to develop hypertension and obesity. Hypertension and obesity can be found in our young children as well because they are



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