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Fear Essay

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fear fear fear fear fear. We all know the feeling it creates. Anxiety, worries-some tightness in your chest. But what is humankind really afraid of? It is not the natural animals when we take their land and claim it as our own. It is not our god; for we please him. So what could it be you may ask?

Well ill tell you. We fear the being in the woods, the sea and the air. We fear the creature that consumes everything and seems never satisfied. We fear the creature who moves mountains and defys the laws of nature.Our restless nights are caused by our never ending night mares.

The nightmares are horrid, ugly, torturous, and always dreaded. They frighten all children, women, and men. If you still are at a loss for who we fear then you are ignorant. We are all scared of the mirror that houses millions of vain monstrous solders. We fear the most cunning, bold, and outrageous thing known to walk our blue and green planet. Human beings.

Picture all world a hundred years from now; desolate, filled with tons of stinking garbage, ugly, wretched, and permanently damaged. What a horrible place it will be for the bugs and butterflies. Creatures who were not apart of the awful mess people started and continued to add upon.

Please heed my warning when i tell you we will bring the end. Though i have given this warning many a time and i am getting older as the youth is becoming death. If we do not go under an amazing transformation then all hope is lost. people are what we fear the most. People must change.



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