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Personal Essay - Two Distinctive Conflicts

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Essay Preview: Personal Essay - Two Distinctive Conflicts

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For me, I can describe several conflicts that I deal with day to day in the workplace that contribute to at times my daily headache. There are two distinctive conflicts that I face daily. 1. Ineffective Communication and Personality Clashes. Ineffective Communication: A major source of personal conflict is the misunderstanding that results from ineffective communication. There are various filters (Reese and Brant, 2008, Chapter 2) that filters messages that must be passed before effective communication can occur. In the work setting, where many people work together, communication breakdowns are inevitable. Achieving effective two-way communication is always a challenge (Reese and Brandt, 2008, p. 280). Personality Clashes: There is no doubt about it: Some people just don't like each other. There are many different personality styles out there, temperaments, and attitudes. The bottom line is that conflicts will arise when people have to work together. Even in the beginning stages of a working relationship you may get along and truly appreciate your differences then after many years your personalities may clash (Reese and Brandt, 2008, p. 280).

What is the source of conflict?

Conflict arises from a clash of perceptions, goals, or values where people care about the outcome. The breeding ground for conflict may lie in confusion about, or disagreement with, the common purpose and how to achieve it while also achieving individual goals within an organization. Reece and Brandt (2008) suggested several conflict triggers. (p.280) These conflict triggers can be associated as conflict in the workplace example, organizational change, ineffective communication, value and culture clashes, work policies and practices, adversial management, completion for scarce resources and personality clashes (Reese and Brandt, 2008, p.280).



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