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Writing Profiles - Personal Essay

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Writing Profiles

My first encounter happened when I was over at my girlfriend's house on the weekend and some of her family was over to celebrate her mom's birthday. My girlfriend Katy warned me there were going to be two individuals there that I wasn't going to be accustomed too. I was very immature of my conecption of how I figured gays and lesbians would act around each other. I always thought I would be very nervours around people that were homosexuals but I was soon to find out I was wrong. They were jus normal people to me after that night. "You know how I told you I had two lesbian aunts?" Katy said. I shook my head yes and she continued. "Well there going to be at my house tonight and Iwant to make sure you feel comfortable with the situation?"

I was worried to saty the least; I wanted to make a good impresion in front of her family. This experience of getting to meet them was going through my brain. I walked into the house and katy introduced me to her aunt. "Aunt Ann, this is Jared my boyfriend," Katy said. "Hi Jared! It's nice to meet you. This is my wife Genny." After hearing that I began to get nervous. I have never been around something like this.

Katy's aunt Ann was a middle aged lady in her forty's and she was very polite and was acting very nice. She was a rather short lady with long Brown hair. Her partner Genny was around the same age and she was little taller than Ann. Genny was quietly standing behind Ann and listening to what katy and her aunt were talking about.

Right away I was thrown into an awkard situation for me. I didn't really know what I could say to either one of them to make this awkward silence go away. I knew that Katy had gone on a trip with them to New Mexico for vaction so I thought I could bring that up to Genny. "So, Katy told me all about your guy's trip to New Mexico. How did you like it?" She said, "Oh, it was great! So beautiful." We continued to have our conversation about how she liked New Mexico until I was finally saved from the awkard converstaion. "Let's go over here Iwant you to meet some other people," Katy said. "It was nice meeting you," I said to them as we walked away.

I wathched the two ladies interact with people from a far. I thought it was very cool how everyone in the family accepted them for who they were and were not judgemental. Ihad pre conceived notions about how they would act but I wa completely wrong. They were very open about their homosexuality and it was very interesting to me.

After watching these to women, I began to realize that this was not going to be as hard as I thought. I finally built up the courage to approach them again and try to get to know them a little better. After talking to them for awhile, I realized that these are two of the most intersting women I



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