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Johnny Tremain - a Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Johnny Tremain - a Personal Essay

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THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING! Imagine yourself a teenage boy in a world influenced by hate, well Johnny Tremain just so happens to be in that predicament. Its 2018 and Connecticut has been concord by a foreign country. The country has over charged cheeseburgers and taxes have gone up, yea hard to imagine I know but that is what Johnny is going through, except not with cheeseburgers but tea which pretty much was of similar value. We in the 21 century tend to take many things for granite and we do not think what life would be like if we did not have people like Johnny or people who helped fight off the British, if they didn't then we would be saying bloody hell.

Johnny Tremain is a young boy who lives in rural Massachusetts. Johnny lives with a family named the Laphams; he is an apprentice for Mr.Lapham. Johnny was always known for being good with his hands he was known well around his dwarf but one day when he broke the Sabbath to work on a piece of iron he was burned. His thumb and his hand were burned together. Johnny spent a few after that looking for work he could do with a bad hand when one day he stumbled upon a printing place called the Boston observer. Johnny was attracted to the sign so he went in. there he met a boy named Raab who eventually got him into a clan called the sons of liberty. The sons of liberty stood for getting the British off their land. Johnny goes off to battle with them and then later on finds a doctor who fixes his hand. In Johnny Tremain there are many conflicts one is Johnnie's hand which was a major conflict in the book. His hand problem led to other problems such as him not getting along with the Laphams and him not being able to find work. While reading this book I noticed that Johnny was very stuck up and prideful he always thought that his work is always better and that attitude got him in a lot of trouble. The book had an impact on me because it made me realize how much we take for granite

My final thoughts on the book are that it was pretty good but could be a very boring at times and I would NOT recommend this book for others because it was very boring.



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