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Freshman Student Speech

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Essay Preview: Freshman Student Speech

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God is journeying with us, He journeyed with us through Jesus, the God-made man. As a marian student, in what way you like Jesus to journey with you and how you like to journey with Him throughout your Academic life. Explain.

In our life's journey, we always need someone to whom we can rely on. Someone who can understand, guide and support us all the way.

As a student, my Academic life is my top priority. It is where I devote most of my time and attention. Studying is a process of acquiring knowledge especially with the use of books. And yes, it is a difficult and challenging process. With all of the demands, distractions and pressure that come with college life, it is hard to stay focused. Having Jesus with me especially during challenging times helps a lot. I always wanted Him to journey with me as my mentor. He guides me in everything I do and helps me understand between right and wrong. He helps me better understand the things that I need to learn. He gives me strength to handle things and gives me hope that better things are going to happen. A mentor who pushes me to my limits and always believe in my abilities. Being His student, I need to trust Him that He has plans for me that I need to follow. I'll be His student who will always want to walk with him step-by-step all throughout this journey.

College life is hard. But having Jesus as my mentor in this journey makes it easier. I know that this is just the beginning and there will be more trials ahead, but as long as I have faith, I know I will succeed.



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