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Future of Music

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Music is a way to express words that cannot be spoken, so you turn to tunes. Tunes and melodies are it's own kind of language and speaks to any kind. Music is a kind of congrigation that brings many kind of backgrounds, ethnicites and even religious groups together. Music for me in not just a hobby but it's life. Sounds cheeky but if you cannot speak about your feelings music is a great way to channel you inner works. Music is not only a therapy but it is a message. If you don't understand the words you will understand the beat vice versa. Music can bring people together. It can change your mood and inspire you to do something. Some forms of music are popular than others, sadly GOOD music seems to be dying. I maybe in highschool but let me tell you music on the radio has no meaning. All those garbage artist want is a 1 song and not worried about the message they give people. I know I'm not crazy I listen to a wide range of music and the stuff on the radio seems to crappy. Then again people have different taste. I just know that those teeney boppers listening to 1D and Fergie are whats ruining MTV. RUINING the whole radio. I have to flip through numerous of radio channels to find one decent song. It's completely sad how so many people like to listen to a guy named "2 chains" or "Lil wayne" there music has no meaning. All they talk about money, p***y and weed. Every song the SAME nothing new but a crappy beat and lame nursery rhymes. Hopefully more people see this and say hey I agree. I don't want to get off topic but I hope more kids,teens and adults agree with me and get rid of that crappy ass music.



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