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Genetics Essay

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is a branch of biology that deals with heredity, and the various of inherited characteristics within or among similar or related organisms. According to the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) genetics also has to do with the genetic tests of an individual and the individual's family members, as well as the individual's family's medical history. It is said to believe that most of the diseases that an individual may have comes from the individual's family's genetics. This brings me to the conclusion that family medical history is a part of genetics simply because it has a lot to do with one individual's life span. Family medical history has an increased chance of the individual being at risk of any disease and/or disorder.

There was once discrimination against certain individuals because of their genetic information. But now the law forbids the use of an individual's genetic information to be used when it comes to the aspect of payment, job hiring's/interviews job assignments etc. According to GINA, it is also illegal to harass a certain individual because of their genetic information. Harassment may include but is not limited to, making offensive remarks about an individual's genetic information, or about the genetic information of a relative of that individual. Even though the law does not forbid the simple teasing of an individual or incidents that may not even be consider to be serious, harassment is consider illegal when it is so serious or rude that it may create an offensive environment for an individual or even when it results in the individual being fired or demoted on the job. The harasser of the individual can be the person's supervisor, a co-worker, or someone that is not even an employee, maybe just a client or regular person having nothing to do with the job at hand. When the individual whom is being harassed about their genetic information files a complaint, it is also illegal for another individual to retaliate against the victim.

Even though your genetic background is open to you whenever you feel the need to review it, there are rules to acquiring your genetic information. These rules are placed so that any individual can receive their genetic information in a safe and orderly fashion. It is normally unlawful for a clinic, hospital, and/or lab to administer a genetic test to an individual without their written consent or a signed document giving the tester the authorization or permission to test that certain individual. There are some exceptions to these rules, but they are very narrow and precise.

Adding to the rules of receiving and viewing genetic information, there is also the confidentiality of that persons genetics. This is one of those narrow exceptions to viewing a person's genetic information. Once genetic information is received it is to be kept confidential. It is against the law to reveal individuals or employees gentic



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