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Growth Mindset Essay Final

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Essay Preview: Growth Mindset Essay Final

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Akpan, Annmarie



Growth Mindset Essay Final

Growth mindset is the belief that allows a person to be in control of their own ability to learn and improve to become a successful person. Through their talents individuals with growth mindset develop through hard work. Individuals with this mindset can achieve more than people who have a fixed mindset. Fixed mindset is when a person believes that they are born talented. A person with a fixed believes that they do not need to improve themselves because they are gifted. In contrast, a growth mindset person worries less about how individuals view them and put more effort into learning. A growth mindset individual is committed because they receive greater support for collaboration and innovation. Growth mindset lets individuals learn from their past and achieve success.

Growth mindset is essential because it allows people to learn from their past. Individuals with a growth mindset use their mistakes or setbacks as an opportunity to learn. Hardwork shows that having a growth mindset is important. For example, Robinson had to go to the library on his own. He took initiative to learn to do better. Robinson would push himself to do better. On the other hand, Douglass read books and studied on his own in order to reach his goal. Douglass decided he needed to be the change. To impact his life. He needed to work for it. Douglass and Robinson took every opportunity they had to be successful.

Growth mindset is important because it allows a person to achieve success. This means a person can gain success depending on what they aim for. An example is when Douglas knew he could get in trouble. That’s why he tricked the white boys. Douglas stepped out of his comfort zone and took a lot of effort to make him successful. Pushing himself made him stronger. His growth mindset helped him achieve success for what he aimed for. Douglas accomplished in despite of him being a slave.

 Growth mindset lets individuals learn from their past and achieve success. A growth mindset believes that challenges and learning are opportunities for growth. Rather than seeking out evidence that proves a person’s intelligence, a growth mindset focuses on process and progress looking out for opportunities to stretch their existing abilities. This belief that intelligence and personality can be developed has profound consequences on an individual's behavior. Believing that these qualities are carved into the fixed mindset creates urgency to prove oneself over and over. People will avoid difficult situations, refuse to challenge themselves and effectively evaluate every situation to see whether a person will succeed or fail. Growth mindset believes that the challenges a person is dealing with is a starting point for development and the basic qualities are things that can be cultivated through one’s effort. The growth mindset embodies a passion for learning rather than a hunger for approval.



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