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Handshaking in Chinese Culture

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Essay Preview: Handshaking in Chinese Culture

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For Malaysian, handshake normally works in Chinese culture. It is simple but it shows a big important manner and behavior to one and other for every Chinese people. Chinese usually shake hands to show their respect, friendliness and kindness to others. Besides, men usually greet to each other with handshake as to show their gentle and kindness, or else they shake hands on departure. Women of course they shake hands with each others, but usually they will just nod their head with a kindly smile to answer the men. Man who takes the initiative to shakes a woman's hand is considering as a rude manner and impolite behavior. The culture has proclaimed that in order to have a handshake between opposite sex, women must be willing to extend their hands first before the men (Global Connection Training [GCT], 2005).

While, for those Chinese who have gone through western- education are commonly willing to extend their hands for a handshake upon an introduction, and most of them are the young ones. Basically, when they come to each another person, they first look to each other and provide a kindly smile. Next, they will extend their hands for a handshake; if once is having a handshake with a woman, the woman shall take the initiative to extend her hand. After that, they limp gently with some energy, and last for around ten seconds. Frequently, Chinese use both hands for handshake, especially the elderly. By using both hands show a significant of concern and sincere towards others. Furthermore, young ones will slightly nod down their head and look downwards a little bit when shaking hands with elderly, as to show their respect to the elderly. These eyes contacts play the significant role of each person to provide a handshake to another. For those who stare into the other person's eyes, for Chinese it means of bringing out a challenge or being sarcasms to the other person. In this case, a handshake will probably bring out a barrier for the relationships as one may be thinking another person is danger to be close with.

During certain events, people do shake hands to show different meanings. When Chinese come to a celebration or being in celebration parties, usually they shake hands when they first meet up with each other; sometimes they shake hands to show polite and friendly when they making new friends and introducing themselves. Especially for the guys, this shows a gentleman behavior inside their personal characteristic. Besides, after celebration and once they are ready to go back home from the venue, they will again shake hands with one and other to say goodbye. This action shows a significant of pleasant to meet with each other. Moreover, as a guest, Chinese will provide a handshake for the host when they are going to leave as to show their appreciation and satisfaction of being serve by the host family; The host will reply handshake as to mean a thank you for their visitors and happy to see them. Complementary,



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