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Healthcare Organization

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Healthcare organization



        Healthcare organization like any organization either for-profit or non-profit have a leadership  structure with professional leaders under given  job positions mandated to carry out given responsibilities within the organization. The functions of each position within the organization structure may be independent on its own or related to other functions within the organizational structure. More importantly, a healthcare organizational structure is normally made up of the board of directors, the executive officers, and other officers. In most cases, the board members have three primary roles that involve making significant and strategic decisions, establishing policies, and overseeing the organization’s activity (Fottler, Malvey & Slovensky, 2015). The executive officers normally take charge of the executive functions in most healthcare organizational structures, with the highest ranking officers being the president and chief executive officer (CEO). The CEO in particular is mandated with the responsibility of articulating the organization vision and mission, giving direction with the help of the board members, setting strategic plan, and among other key roles. The CEO is also mandated to make appointments and oversee meetings involving other senior executive members of the healthcare organization (Fottler, Malvey & Slovensky, 2015). Some of these senior executive members include Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Public Affairs Officer (CPAO), Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), and others.

Wellcare is one of renowned healthcare organization based in Tampa, Florida. Wellcare is non-profit healthcare organization with an elaborate organization structure. The organization has nine board members who are either elected or appointed. The Chairman of the Board goes by the name Christain P. Michalik (Wellcare, n.d).  The chairman is also a chair in other board committee involving audit, finance and regulatory compliance, and nominating and corporate governance. The CEO of the organization is known as Kenneth A. Burdick and is in charge of all executive responsibilities of the organization. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the organization is known as Darren Ghanayem, and comes third in ranking after the CEO, and equally reports to the CEO. The CIO is mandated to advance WellCare’s technology and help the organization focus on growth and innovation opportunities (Wellcare, n.d). Additionally, the CIO is also responsible for implementing the IT systems to improve clinical productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. The related function to the CIO is the senior IT director. The senior IT director liaises with the CIO and reports to him. The IT director is responsible for executing IT healthcare projects for WellCare. The functions of the CIO and the IT director interact towards managing and implementing IT solutions into Wellcare in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of its care



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