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Hope Study Guide

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*The following material will be covered on the final exam. All information can be found in your vocabulary definitions, objectives, wrap-ups, and any other notes taken over the course of the semester. Please study accordingly...

Chapter 2: Components of Fitness

-All vocabulary terms.

-The health related components of fitness.

- The skill related components of fitness.

-Why does a person not have to be an athlete to be physically fit?

- Why should you know your current level of fitness before you design a plan to fitness?

Chapter 5: Principles of Training

-All vocabulary terms.

- Describe the principles of training.

- How does the principle of overload increase your fitness level?

- What factors should you consider before starting your fitness program?

- Describe the FIT principle.

Chapter 6: Flexibility

-All vocabulary terms.

- How is joint movement limited?

- Know the various tests to access flexibility.

-Know the difference between dynamic, static, and ballistic stretching.

- Why is flexibility important?

Chapter 7: Cardiovascular Fitness

-All vocabulary terms.

- How can you measure your pulse rate?

- To improve cardiovascular fitness, how many days a week should you engage in aerobic activity?

- Describe target heart rate zone.

- Know the difference between anaerobic and aerobic exercises.

- Which health risk factors can be controlled with cardiovascular training?

Chapter 8: Muscular Fitness

-All vocabulary terms.

- Know the difference between muscular strength and muscular endurance.

- Describe isometric, isokinetic, and isotonic and eccentric exercises.

- What are the three types of fibers found in skeletal muscle?

-Describe the FIT principle.

-What should ones emphasis be on when first starting a weight-training program?




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