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Mkt 229 Principles of Marketing 2 - Study Guide only

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Essay Preview: Mkt 229 Principles of Marketing 2 - Study Guide only

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MKT 229 Principles of Marketing 2

Assignment II - Individual Written Assignment (Marks allocation: 60 marks)

Students are asked to write out their findings in report format.

Instructions: Choose one FMCG company, different from that in Assignment 1 (must be operating actively in Malaysia)

* Task 1: Conduct a PEST analysis.(Word count 1800 words)

a) What are the current political, economic, social and technological issues?

b) How are the PEST issues affecting your organisation?

c) Explain how you can help your organisation deal with the issues by using the 4Ps.

* Task 2: Conduct a SWOT analysis.(Word count 700 words)

a) Review your strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats your chosen organisation faces.

Total: Maximum 2500 words excluding cover page, references and appendices. (Marks will be penalised if word limit is exceeded)

* Assessment criteria for the written assignment:


1. Do not use the word, "being," to mean "because." Say, "Because I came to class," rather than "Being that I came to class."

2. Write in complete sentences. Do not write sentence fragments.

3. Do not write run on sentences.

4. Do not attempt to convey too much information in one sentence. Rather than write one long, wordy sentence write several short, clear ones.

5. Do not use "there" or "it" or "this" as the subject of a sentence.

9. Do not begin a sentence with a number.

10. Spell numbers less than 10. Write as a numeral those 10 or greater.

11. Do not use the words "got" or "a lot."

12. Write percentages with a number and percentage sign (58%).

13. Personal pronouns must agree with their antecedents (the nouns they represent) in gender and number.

14. A verb must agree with its subject in person and number.

15. Papers that contain the problems listed above as well as other grammatical and language errors will be graded accordingly and marks will be reduced.



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