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How to Do Your Referencing Using the Harvard System

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Essay Preview: How to Do Your Referencing Using the Harvard System

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HS 30

How to do Your Referencing Using the Harvard System

The Harvard System (also called the Author - Date System) is one of several available methods of referencing and is the preferred choice of most departments in the University. However, you should check with your lecturers which system your course requires before you do your first assignment.

This help sheet covers the referencing of many different types of material, both printed and electronic.

NB There is no officially agreed system of referencing information in any electronic format, so these guidelines are a local interpretation of the Harvard style. Electronic examples have a shaded background.

Authors pp.2-3,4,5

Blackboard Materials p.11

Blogs (Weblogs) p.12

Books pp.4-5

Citing in your text pp.2-3

Conference Papers pp.8-9

Date pp.2,4

Discussion Lists p.12

DVD p.9

E-Books p.6

E-Journals pp.6-7

E-mails p.12

Edited Books p.5

Film p.10

Government Reports pp.7-8

Illustrations/Art p.10

Interviews p.10

Journals p.6

Lecture Notes /Handouts p.10

Live Performances p.10

Newspapers p.7

Paraphrasing p.3

Plagiarism p.2

Quoting p.3

Reference List pp.3-12

RefWorks p.12

Secondary referencing p.2

Standards p.9

Theses p.9

Titles p.4

Video p.9

Web Pages / Documents p.11

What is a "Reference"?

A reference or citation is a description of any document from which you have taken information, e.g. a complete book, a chapter from it, a journal article, a newspaper article, a web page, or DVD etc.

What is "Citing"?




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