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Human Resource Management at Starbucks

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Essay Preview: Human Resource Management at Starbucks

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Managing employee performance at Starbucks, Xtra Plaza Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago.

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The University of the West Indies

Seema Bachan;Twinkle Harhajan;Shazara Khan;Celine Mahadeo;Nanadanie  Rampersad;Leeana Seebachan

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Course Title: Human Resource Management

Course Code: MGMT 3017

Lecturer’s Name: Mr. Paul Balwant        

Project Title: An investigation into the strategies implemented to manage employee performance at Starbucks, Xtra Plaza Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad.

Date of Submission: Saturday 18th November, 2017.

Group Name: The HRM Masterminds

Student Names and ID Number:        

Celine Mahadeo        815006115

Seema Bachan         815006510

Nandanie Rampersad        815006556

Leeana Seebachan        815006578

Twinkle Harbhajan        815008301

Shazara Khan        815009180


We would like to thank our lecturer, Mr. Paul Balwant for providing our group with advice and guidance on how to proceed with this project. We would like to thank Mrs. Frances Lamy, the manager of Starbucks at Endeavour, Chaguanas for allowing us the opportunity to conduct our research and providing the time for the interview. As a group, we would like to thank our members for being understanding and patient when experiencing any limitations while trying to complete this project.


Improving a company’s performance is a major factor to its success. One of the key tools in ensuring success is managing employees’ performance for the attainment of the business goals and objectives. The purpose of this research project is to analyse and describe Starbucks performance management.

The project reviews the literature in performance management. It includes the assessment and improvement of Starbucks using the performance cycle made up of performance and development agreement, management of performance throughout the year and reviewing performance which are defined in terms of its meaning and methods based on already conducted research.

The research found that while employees grasped the concept of their job role, the objectives were unfeasible and not ideal due to economic changes. The plan performance was adequate but lacked personal development goals. Feedback and the implematation of corrective methods ensured the proper management of employees yearlong but clear communication was vague and poor resulting in increase conflict.

Overall, the application of the performace cycle and its concepts offered a new way to manage employees’ performance and addressed any problems that arise in the company.

Table of Contents

Introduction        1

Title        1

Objectives        1

Literature Review        4

Performance and Development Agreement        4

Managing performance throughout the year        6

Reviewing performance        7

Methodology        10

Results        12

Objective 1 (a):        12

Figure 1: A clustered combination chart that illustrates the performance and development facets at Starbucks, Xtra Plaza Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad.        12

Objective 1 (b):        13

Objective 1 (c):        13

Objective 2:        14

Figure 2: A graphical representation of the effects of employee performance on organizational effectiveness at        15

Discussion        16

Performance and Development Agreement        16

Managing performance throughout the year        17

Reviewing performance        18

Recommendations        21

References        23

Appendices        24

Appendix 1: Permission letter to conduct research        24

Appendix 2: Management Interview        26

Appendix 3: Manager’s Interview Transcript        28

Appendix 4: Employee Interview        32

Appendix 5: Starbucks’ Statement of Comprehensive Income        34

Appendix 6: Starbucks’ outlets globally        35



An investigation into the strategies implemented to manage employee performance at Starbucks, Xtra Plaza Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad.


  1. To examine the performance process used by management at Starbucks, Xtra Plaza Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad with emphasis on the following:
  1. Performance and development agreement
  2. Managing performance throughout the year
  3. Performance review
  1. To assess the effects of employee performance on the organizational effectiveness at Starbucks, Xtra Plaza Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad.

Performance management can be defined as “A process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organization. More than just an annual performance review, performance management is the continuous process of setting objectives, assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.” There are three stages in the performance management life cycle which includes, Performance and Development Agreement, Managing Performance throughout the year and Performance Review. This research project seeks to investigate the strategies implemented to manage employee performance as Starbucks, Extra Plaza Endeavour, Chaguanas, Trinidad.



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