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Inception - Movie Review

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Inception Review

The movie Inception was written and directed by Christopher Nolan, then released on July 6th of 2010. The film has received both praise and criticism, but despite the criticism it has won six awards including best sound award. Although Inception is about corporate espionage, the goal of inception is to make the viewer question what is possible in the human mind. Inception is a job that Saito offers to Dom Cobb in exchange for Cobb's freedom to return home to his two young children. Up until the job of Inception Cobb's job was to extract knowledge and ideas from people rather than plant them.

The main character of Inception is Dom Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio) who is the leader of a team which usually extracts knowledge from a selected individual through dreams. Dom Cobb's Inception team consists of Ariadne (Ellen Page), Eames (Tom Hardy), and Yusuf (Dileep Rao). Other main characters include Saito (Kan Watanabe), Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Mal (Marion Cortillard), and Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy). Mal is Cobb's late wife who is constantly haunting his dreams and disrupting his plans as the movie goes on. Saito is the owner of a large energy company who wants to break down Fischer's company in fear that it is getting to big, in his fear he presents the job of Inception to Cobb. Ariadne plays the pivotal role of the "architect"; she designs the layouts of the dreams so their plan can be successful.

Inception is the practice of entering dreams and planting an idea in someone's head while conning the victim into thinking that they thought of it themselves. The thought of this being possible is difficult to wrap your mind around especially with all of the twists and turns that this film takes you on. One spontaneous move after another leaves virtually every scene unpredictable with vehicles such as planes, trains, vans, elevators, and skis. The complexity of this film can be irritating at times even obnoxious if you're not open minded or a fan of science fiction. An example would be how there is no gravity in the second dream level when the van in the first dream level is falling off the bridge; this is inconsistent with the gravity in the third dream level.

Inception takes you through three levels of dreams and also to the mythical land of limbo where souls get trapped between life, heaven, and hell. In the first dream level Robert Fischer is kidnapped and forced to read the Inception team a random series of numbers that are used later in the movie. In the second dream level Fischer is convinced that Browning is a traitor so he joins the Cobb's team. In the third dream level Fischer is taken to the fort so that the idea that they planted can finally be complete. They travel to limbo so that they can retrieve Fischer and Saito so Cobb can get paid. Fischer is taken through these dream states so that ultimately Cobb can



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