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Infection Control in Dentistry

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Infection control

 Introduction :

Infection control is the discipline in following procedures to avoid and minimize the risk of spreading and transmission of infectious disease, most of these diseases are caused by bacteria or viruses and can be transmitted from patient to staff or staff to patient.

As a result of realization of the patient, infection control is considered to be an important target when seeking for a good dentist who practices it well. It is considered to be an essential point to feel more confident .

Also dentist has the responsible to deal with patient carefully and apply the infection control procedures on him.

The worker or the dentist who is infected has responsibility when dealing with patient .

Procedures of infection control should be monitored regularly by all dental team and new staff , and should be trained well . These are preferable to be discussed between the dental staff , so each member of staff understand each procedures which is included in the infection control policy. This policy should be updated routinely and each member in the staff have to sign on it and be aware of each procedure is taken , how to do it , why he do it .

 Infection control

First of all, in order to practice correct infection control, Dentist should be apply the procedures to avoid the spreading and transmission of infection and must take the precautions to avoid any harms and hazards .

* Decontamination of instruments and equipments is considered as an essential factor of infection control in the dental work.

All the instruments used in contact with oral and body fluid should be passed to the process of decontamination .

o three important stages are undergoing the process of decontamination:

1- Presterilization by hand cleaning - ultrasonic cleaners

2- Sterilization by autoclave

3- Instrument storage - instrument should be stored In dry suitable and covered try or pouches. it is undesirable to select additional instrument during treatment to avoid cross contamination .

o It preferable to used disposable items if those instrument are difficult to decontamination completely. Also, if the patient is infected person - disposable items are more suitable for him to prevent spreading of infection

* Dentist should get rid of clinical waste which are the wastes contaminated with blood and saliva.

o The disposal of clinical waste is specific ways to prevent any leakage or hazards , sharp waste must be disposed in particular container to Ovid any injuries could occur .




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