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The Love - Most Precious Thing of This Universe

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Essay Preview: The Love - Most Precious Thing of This Universe

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Love is the most precious thing of this universe and also difficult but the factors of respect, sacrifice and devotion make the love true in his all dimensions that is not much difficult if it is pure.

Respect is the first step of love by which it looks like the holy gift of god wrapped in gold and make it more valuable than anything. It’s a demand basically for the love to give respect and honor to that thing which is beloved. It is not much difficult to sit down at knees in front of love if the ambiance of love is unpolluted. If we have to get respect then we have to  give respect

The sacrifice on the way of love is also the requirement of love and if it is neglected then the whole structure of love may destroy and many times in the history of love sacrifice was theme and base of protection and distraction of love. It needs the each moment of the life which make love important in his own self.

The love completes on devotion of life because the completion of love is more impotent then its start and middle stage. It is like a door of building which protect the house and if there is no door then anyone easily enters without resistance. To set down on the knees and to pray and worship the beloved is real sense of devotion and the right of life to handle it and use it in any direction by beloved one.

Concluding this, the importance how love is complete in itself and the elements which give it the feeling of holiness and make it valuable like heaven on earth by Allah Almighty, an expensive present for men which is just for the one who deserves.



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