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Is There Love in a Count of a Monte Cristo

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Essay Preview: Is There Love in a Count of a Monte Cristo

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Is there Love in The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo is a book that talks about a man named Edmond Dantes, who is the Count of Monte Cristo, bringing justice to all the people who have wronged him. This book is about Edmonds revenge on the people who caused him to live in prison for 14 years, so many people believe that the theme of love is not present. The relationships between Maximilian and Valentine are one example of how the theme of love is present. Another is the Count’s, Edmond Dantes, and Haydee’s relationship. Love is not a big theme in the book, but there are characters who did experience true love.

Edmond Dantes experienced true love before and after he became the Count of Monte Cristo. Before Edmond was arrested and sent to the prison of Chateau d’If, he was in love Mercedes, his fiance. They were truly in love and were getting married the day after Dantes arrival back from sailing, when the police came into the wedding celebration and arrested him. “Dantes’ father, however, rushed toward the commissary; there are some things which the heart of a father or a mother will never understand,” (Dumas). This event not only broke Mercedes heart, but also Edmonds father's, who loved him as much as Edmond loved him back. His love for his father and Mercedes kept him going while he was in prison. The love of his father never left because he sought out justice for him as the Count, but for Mercedes, her love for him might be strong but Edmond doesn't love her the same.

Further in the story, Valentine Villefort, Gerard Villefort's daughter, and Maximilian Morrel, Monsieur Morrells son, have a secret relationship. Valentine is arranged to get married with Franz, but does not want to marry him because she loves Maximilian. Her grandfather, Nortier Villefort, ruins Valentines marriage with Franz by revealing that he killed Franz’s father when he wasn’t paralyzed. This act of love for Valentine by her grandfather let Valentine and Maximilian love each other. “I have such pity on you that if I haven’t cured you of your grief within one month from now, to the day and to the hour, I myself will place you before these pistols and before a cup of the deadliest poison of Italy, a much quicker and deadlier poison than the one that killed Valentine,” (Dumas). When Valentine was poisoned and “died” the count showed love for Maximilian when he saved Maximilian from killing himself. At the end of the Count also brought Valentine back to Maximilian, showing he cared for both of them and wants them to be happy. The Count shares love for the two how significant others would share love for each other.

Haydee is the Count’s slave, but is not treated like a slave. She is given a good life since the start and this caused Haydee to love the Count. The Count has always been kind to her and has attempted to let he be free, but she



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