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Jf Tasty Fried Balut on Stick - Street Food

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Essay Preview: Jf Tasty Fried Balut on Stick - Street Food

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  1. Introduction

The objective of this document is to provide information regarding investment opportunity for setting up a food cart, providing a unique product like our product fried balut which are not offered in other stalls in the area. Balut is the original pinoy food delicacy and fried balut is new and affordable to the customer. It is healthy and can give satisfaction to the customers who love to eat street foods. The food cart will be established in the City of San Fernando Night Market.

  1.  Summary of the Project Study
  1. Name of the firm: JF TASTY BALUT ON STICK
  2. Location: San Fernando City Night Market
  3. Brief description of the project:

Our product can simple be described as fried balut that can be add a new taste to the well-known pinoy food lovers especially street foods. 2 pieces of fried balut will serve in a plastic cup filled with sauce depending upon the request of the customer. The different selection of sauces are sweet and sour, spicy sauce and barbecue type sauce. The product will cost 38 pesos only with free iced tea drinks.

  1. Proponent, Management and Personnel

The proponent of the business is the manager and owner himself, John Fran, who will finance and support the business. The proponent will hire one helper to help and assist the proponent in preparing and selling the product during its operation.

  1. Market Study
  1. Market description:

The business wants to serve people and give them the delicious delicacy that every Filipino must taste. It penetrates the market mainly with the masses, who love eating street foods.

  1. Brief description of the project:

The proponent will sell fried balut (2 pieces of fried balut) with sauce, place in a plastic cup together with the stick on it. The product cost 38 pesos with free iced tea drinks.

  1. Supply:

The proponent will have its tie-up with Bolong Farm to supply the business with fresh balut eggs every week in bulk order.

  1. Proposed Marketing Program:

The proponent will advertise the business in the social media like Facebook and Instagram and create page to let the people aware of the product.

The proponent will have its own food cart to be place in the night market.

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  1. Projected Sales:

38 pesos x 40 orders per night x 7 days = P10, 640

10,640 pesos x 4 weeks                             = P42, 560

42,560 pesos x 12 months                        = P510, 720

Total gross income:                                    = P510, 720

  1. Technical and Production Study

  1. Product or Service

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  1. Production Process[pic 4]


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  1. Boil the fresh balut eggs in water for 10 to 15 minutes and add a little salt. Drain the eggs and put tap water to cool.
  2. Peel the eggs and coat with flour. Set aside.
  3. To make the batter; in a bowl, mix the flour, salt, pepper and water.
  4. While mixing, add a few drops of food coloring.
  5. In a deep frying pan, heat enough oil to deep fry the eggs. Don't overcrowd the pan with eggs. 3 to 4 eggs per batch is enough to avoid the battered eggs from sticking with each other.
  6. Fry until the batter is crispy and remove from pan using a slotted spoon. Drain with paper towels or use a strainer to drain excess oil. Serve hot with dipping sauce.
  7. To make the dipping sauce; just combine vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, onions, water and chili. Mix very well until all the sugar is dissolved.

  1. Waste Disposal:

The eggshell can be crush and feed it back to the chicken or duck because it contains calcium. The crushed shell can be used in the garden to deter pests and a fertilizer as well. It can also be used as a garbage disposal cleaner.

  1. Producing Cost:

Eggs (balut)                  =P8

Eggs (plain)              =P5

Cooking oil                   =P2

Flour                              =P2

Sauce ingredients       =P2


Plastic cup and stick    = P2

Total cost                       = P16

16 x 30%                        = P4.8

4.8 + 16                          = P20.8 or P20

Total                                = P20

  1. Financial Study

  1. Total Project Cost:

Monthly Rent                                            1400

Permits                                                150

Monthly Salary                                         4500

Materials and Equipment:

Food cart                                                5000

Gasul                                                 2300

Single burner                                        450

Frying pan                                                450

Balut Eggs                                                2100

Plain Eggs                                                1500

Flour                                                 550

Cooking oil                                                1300

Plastic cups                                        260

Stick                                                 150

Ketchup                                                 350



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