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My Faults - Personal Essay

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1. In the first grade my teacher Mrs. Porter elected me for testing into the gifted program. This wasn't the start of my enthusiasm for learning, but the culture and depth I was taught to appreciate gave me a perspective on learning I never would've had otherwise.(Education)

2. When I was thirteen my father passed away right before Christmas. This was thoroughly devastating to me and I spent the following five years in a state of suspended psychological growth. Becoming very cynical and apathetic, I lost interest in school and turned to my social life for solace. (Family)

3. I dropped out of high school after completing my sophomore year. I tried to homeschool myself, but lost motivation and chose to get my GED instead. Once I received the certificate in the mail a new opportunity showed itself to me in the form of higher education. I was given another chance to excel.(Education)

4. There were two weeks in the summer before I got my GED that I spent on an extended vacation with my friend Elyse. I met so many friendly and creative people, and even sold some of my own art to a gallery owner. While I was there I was rejuvenated and inspired, to learn, create and most importantly, to rebuild myself.(Personal Growth)

5. A lot of my energy went into enrolling for college and preparing to move to Orlando to earn a degree in animation. Once I moved to Orlando there was a lack of a support system and the stress of being alone, coupled with a lack of funding caused me to leave school and head home to regroup and try again.(Education)

I've always had a difficult time with internal motivation. Meeting my current boyfriend is being counted as a major event in my life, because he helped me see the value in what I'm doing, he offers great support and guidance in school matters.(Relationships



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