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Journal Interpersonal - Loving and Being Able to Share Love

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Essay Preview: Journal Interpersonal - Loving and Being Able to Share Love

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Loving and Being able to Share Love: Kelly and I have known each other for about two years and have been good friends since the 1st time we met. Kelly and I had both transferred to North Central at the same time and our initial term here we had three classes in common; SPC 185 at 8am, SPC 214 at 10am and SPC 100 at 2pm. Her and I would meet up and do homework together because we had those classes in common. The first time we met for a study session was in the library with another mutual friend, Ashley Hammerstrom. After the three of us spent about 4 hours in a study room talking; Kelly and I developed a deeper relationship. Kelly knows everything about me the good, bad and ugly and she is still there and cares more for me than anyone else in the world. She has taken me from a time in my life where I was not happy, in regards to various life experiences and circumstances that I have endured; and has helped me grow from that point and revert back to the happier me. Kelly helped me find my heart again and, most importantly, she mended it. Kelly gave me everything she could offer and, at times, I was not easy to deal with and/or get along with, but Kelly never turned her back to me like had happened some many times previous. By Kelly being there for me it allowed me to share this new phase of my life with her. And for this I am ever so thankful for all the good and bad times we have had because we have both grown from those times. And considering all she has done for me I could never turn my back to her or not stand by her in a difficult time in her life because she did neither to me.

Picture 2: Ryan Forrestal (Brother) Andrew Baamonde (Cousin)

Loyalty: My brother who is three years younger than I am and my cousin who is 6 ½ years older than I am have shown me what it is to be loyal. I have always gone to the beat of my own drum so to speak. And at times my unique character has made people think of me of an outcast and I did not always have a ton of friends. However, my brother and cousin always stood by my side. When nobody else would hang out with me my brother would and I could call my cousin whenever. Another part of this that should me mentioned is when Andrew was in college I was between 11 and 15 years old. He never ignored my call. No matter what Andrew always answered and made me laugh, offered advice, and took a strong interest in my life. He is more like a big brother than a cousin. My brother even though he is three years younger than me there was times he was the bigger brother. He gave me advice, was a shoulder to cry on, and no matter how much he hated me at the moment he always was there for me through thick and thin. When a lot of my friends ditched me or started talking bad about me and stopped hanging out with me they were there. So, from this I am always loyal to those that take a sincere interest in my life and me.

Picture 3: Steve Forrestal (Father) Ana Baamonde (Mother)

Individualism: My parents have always told me to do what I want and never let anybody destroy the hopes, dreams, or goals that you have set. My parents have also told me that it is ok to not always agree with the popular view. They told me it was ok to have my own viewpoints on topics, and to articulate them freely. My parents preached the importance of being a 'well rounded kid' to me, but they said it does not need to be in the terms that most people think of it as. My parents told me to do what I felt would make



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