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Junk Food

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Research study conducted in the past two years shows that, many schools are still offering junk foods to their students despite the fact that many of these students are faced by obesity and diabetes complications. The questions are: is this really wrong? And should the schools remove the vending machines to reduce the choice of consuming unhealthy food? There are constant reports in news programs showing how the rates of hypertension and diabetes have shot up in colleges (Cullen, 2009). From this perspective, one cannot help but ask "does the availability of junk food in colleges contribute to the poor health epidemic?" Many schools and colleges have their halls and cafeterias stocked with vending machines full of junk food thus pumping up high doses of fat, salt, and sugar to the consumers. This paper will focus on analyzing why colleges should be forced to remove vending machines that sell junk food putting into consideration the health of the students.

Considering the adverse effects of consuming junk foods, it will be necessary to remove these vending machines in colleges. The reason why campuses put up vending machines in the cafeterias and halls is driven by the financial motive. What matters to them is profitability without considering the fact that they are putting lives in danger due to the consumption of unhealthy food. Junk foods have no nutritional value and the calories they provide are empty. It is understandable that, the college students do find the junk food convenient since its "ready to eat" but they ignore the fact that these foods have high levels of sugar, saturated fats, and salt. Some junk foods like hamburgers, chips, fried chicken, and pizza contain a lot of saturated fats. Continuous consumption of these fats leads to increase in weight and in the end obesity.

Being overweight or rather obese puts the student at the risk of having heart diseases and high blood pressure. Removing the vending machines in colleges therefore will reduce the chances of the students becoming obese and developing health complications (Cullen, 2009). Junk foods contain a lot of salt which is also unhealthy especially for the heart. On the other hand, the sugar in soft drinks, biscuits, cordials, lollies, and biscuits can make a person fat, destroy their teeth, and cause diseases related to the blood. Yes, the body does need fats, sugar, and salt to carry out its normal functions but too much of these overloads vital body organs like the heart, kidneys, and blood leading to health complications. Removing the vending machines in colleges will have all these elements in check such that obesity, hypertension, and heart disease problems are eliminated.

According to the Annual Surgeon General Report, 22% of college students in America are obese; when this is compared to the rate of 14% in 2001, it is clear that there has been an increase of health complications due to the consumption of junk foods (Alt-HealthWatch electronic resource, 2011). Also, the report showed that half a million people die each year as



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