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Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program - Preliminary Design

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Essay Preview: Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program - Preliminary Design

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Preliminary Design

Since the Kudler Kash rewards program is customer initiated, the flow of data depends almost completely on the customer. If the customer registers for the Kudler Kash rewards program at a Kiosk at any of the store locations a personal Kudler Kash card will be issued. The information (customer name, address, e-mail, D.O.B., ect.) collected at the Kiosk will then be passed to the administrative server along to the main storage server. Administrators of the program will be allowed access to all program information, allowed to terminated accounts, and track purchase information. Data will be transmitted between servers and cards depending upon the transaction the customer makes to consistently track customer card usage. The following diagram shows how data should flow through the program:

Data is expected to constantly flow through the program. This includes tracking customer purchases, points retrieval, as well as customer history. All data that flows through the network will be stored in an outside main storage server that will allow for administrator access and customer access through the company web site. After each transaction is completed the data will be updated in each server that is used by the system, the individual card, and company website. This will maintain that all program information stays current and will allow for complete and consistent tracking of individual cards by both management as well as customers. Each time an individual card is used in a transaction a receipt will print verifying the account status. This includes points balance, basic customer information, time and date of printed transaction, and any special promotions available to the customer.



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